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Welcome on the website of the health center Eichthal which contains information about OMNIPATHIE® and the training for treating human and animal.

General about OMNIPATHIE®

OMNIPATHIE®, developed from the Cranio Sacral Osteopathy, is a fine energetic correction method for horses, dogs, cats, as well as all remaining mammals, birds and naturally also humans.

This technology does not contain mechanical, manual interferences or violent force as well as tearing!

Aims of OMNIPATHIE® are relaxation on energetic, physical and mental level, establishment of communication without words by body language and telepathic connection, as well as realization and release of blockades and traumas, dependent on the possibilities, the willingness and the cooperation of the client, all the same whether animal or human.

To the method

Entspannung -  OMNIPATHIE - CRANIO SACRAL OSTEOPATHIEEach brain “is breathing” and moves approximately 8-12 times per minute. The head bones make easy, hardly noticeable movements too. That leads to a good supply of the brain with oxygen and blood. So metabolism can be regulated over the spinal column and the nervous system in the body. An accident, a fall or a shock brake the brain respiration and can lead to diseases later.

OMNIPATHIE® adjusts all shifted parts with gentle, energetic grips, before it comes to serious disturbances. So it is the ideal health care for animal and human. After operations and treatments of orthodox medicine the balance of the body is reestablished.

The OMNIPATHIE® is a gentle and painless method.

Thereupon the OMNIPATHIE® tries to prevent late consequences and possible relapses. Blocks in bones, joints, connective tissues, muscles and meninges can be scented and corrected by the sensitive hands of a Omnipath. Therefore it is well combinable also with other alternative methods or the orthodox medicine.


As an integral method the OMNIPATHIE® reestablishes the mobility of the body and activates the self healing forces.

The OMNIPATHIE® can be used as for humans also for horses, dogs, cats and other vertebrates. In particular with movement disturbances and lamenesses, training problems, chronic cough or fertility problems OMNIPATHIE® is often more effective than repeated therapies of the orthodox medicine.